Toefl Test ( Grammar Section )

1. Sociologists have long recognized that social tension _____.

(A)  elements from group living.

(B)  elements of a normal group life

(C)  living are a group of elements.

(D) are normal elements of group life

2. _____ have a very keen sense of hearing, although most do not hear sounds audible to the human ear.

(A)  While some insects do

(B)  Some insects which

(C)  Some insects

(D) That some insects.

3. Although both political parties wanted Dwight D. Eisenhower as their presidential nominee in 1952, he became a Republican candidate and _____.

(A)  President was electing

(B)  was elected President

(C)  to elect the President

(D) being elected president.


4. If an act is rewarded many times, immediately and with strong reinforces, it will rapidly become _____.

(A)  a habit

(B)  into a habit

(C)  that which a habit

(D) a habit can be

5. Giant pandas resemble bears in shape and in _____.

(A)  it is a slow, clumsy way to walk

(B)  the slow, clumsy way they walk

(C)  they walk in a slow, clumsy way

(D)  their slow walk is clumsy.

6. _____ temperature at which air holds as much water vapor as it can is called the dew point.

(A)  It is the

(B)  Is the

(C)  As the

(D)  The

7. The earring is one of the oldest known ornaments and _____ pieces of stone, bone, or shell.

(A)  was from originally from

(B)  was made originally from

(C)  originally made was from

(D)  from originally made was

8. No one knows exactly _____.

(A)  how did speech begin

(B)  how speech began

(C)  how the beginning of speech

(D)  of how beginning speech.

9. _____ mechanical device has ever been invented that can satisfactorily replace teasel flower heads for raising the nap on cloth.

(A)  No

(B)  Not the

(C)  Never has a

(D) There is no

10.        Even as a girl, _____ to be her life, and theater audiences were to be her best teachers.

(A)  performances by Fanny Brice were

(B)  it was known that Fanny Brice’s performances were

(C)  audiences knew that Fanny Brice’s performances were

(D) Fanny Brice knew that performing was

11.        _____ the diffusion of heat upward to the Earth’s surface, the temperature within the Earth remains constant.

(A)  That

(B)  Despite

(C)  If

(D)  When

12.        Noise in a room may be reduced by carpeting, draperies, and upholstered furniture, _____ absorb sound.

(A)  which they all

(B)  of them all

(C)  all of which

(D)  of all which

13.        _____ devised to lessen the drudgery of washing clothes that origin of the washing machine is unclear.

(A)  Were the inventions so numerous.

(B)  The inventions so numerous.

(C)  So numerous were the inventions.

(D) The inventions that were so numerous.

14.        Of the thousands of varieties of bird species in North America, _____ bright red plumage, like the cardinal, are most often designated as state bird.

(A)  those that have

(B)  who have

(C)  which have

(D)  to have their

15.        _____ as a territory in 1854 and admitted as a state in 1861, Kansas is at the geographical center of the United States.

(A)  By organizing

(B)  Because organized

(C)  Organized

(D)  He had organized

16.        Before pioneers cleared the land for farms, cities, and road, forests covered about

  A                                                                 B               C


40 percent of what is now the state of Illinois.


17.The sea chantey, a type of folk music, not only described the pleasures of stations’

                                    A                                                         B

lives ashore, also but the harsh conditions of life aboard ship.

                 C                                                D

18.  Mount Rushmore National Memorial in South Dakota has a heads of four

                                                            A                                                          B

presidents of the United States carved into its face.

                                    C                                              D

19.  Nest building is much less commonly among mammals than among birds.

A                                     B                                     C                               D

20.  The Awakening, a novel by Kate Chopin, shocked readers and cause a storm of

  A                                                             B                      C         



21.  The Alaskan Highway was officially opened November 20, 1942, although much

                                                 A                                                                                             B

more work needed be done to complete it.

 C                                             D

22.  Sagebrush flourishes in the dry soil of the western plains, where other many plants

A                      B                                                                                                      C

cannot grow.


23.  Modern directions of Shakespeare are not longer inhibited by earlier traditions of

A                                                                     B                                                         C

realistic settings.


24.  Surveys show that the majority of passengers are pleasing that an agreement has


been reached to forbid smoking on commercial flights within the continental United

                                                B                                              C                                              D



25.  Snakes are capable of graceful motion throughout the entire long of their rubbery

A                                          B                                                          C



26.  Tariffs preventing the most efficient use of the world’s resources by restricting division of

A                                                                                                             B                                  C

labor to national boundaries.


27.  The Aleuts in western Alaska have always depended of the sea for food.

                               A                                       B                                              C                                    D

28.  Atoms that having different atomic numbers generally behave differently.

A                                                      B                                              C                      D

29.  Over the past few year, many towns in the United States have been joining with neighboring

A                                  B                                                                                  C

communities to share the costs of government.


30.  What makes for human skeleton hard and strong is the presence of the metallic element

                                                            A                                                          B                                                C                                            D



31.  Many of Robert Bly’s poems explore solitude, natural vigor, and silent in an immediate and              

                                        A                                                                                                      B            C

modern idiom.


32.  To convert an angle measured in radians for an equivalent angle measured in degrees,

A                                                                                           B

multiply the number of radians by 57,296.

                                    C                                      D

33.  Serving as chief of the United States Children’s Bureau from 1921 to 1934., Grace Abbott


fought for the rights of women and children through the world.

  B                                C                                                                                  D

34.  To people from temperate climates, tropical butterflies may seem incredible big.

A                                                        B                      C                                                                                  D

35.  The first railroad in the United States were short wooden tramways connecting mines also

A                                                                                                        B                                                                                            C 

quarries with nearby streams.


36.  The league of Women Voters of the United States identifies certain local, state, and nation

                                                                                    A                                                                                  B

issues for study and action.

                                                C          D

37.  Fibers can come from plants, animals, or mineral ores, or they may be made from a variety

  A                  B                                                                                          C

chemical substances.


38.  Edwin Franko Goldman was the first bandmaster to encourage leading contemporary


compositions to write original works for a band.

            B                                              C                                              D

39.  The tapir, an odd-toed, hoofed mammal, feed on plants, eating such things as grass, leaves,

                                                                   A                                       B

fallen fruit, and moss in large quantities.

 C                                                         D

40.  For thousands of years, people have used some kind of refrigeration cooling beverages and

                                                        A                          B                                                          C

preserve edibles.



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