Find the details that support the main idea

Read the paragraph and the main idea for the paragraph. Underline the details that support the main idea.
1.      Main Idea: Frogs eat bugs.

The frog sat on the side of the pond. He was very still. His green color made him hard to see. A bug flew near him. His tongue zipped out, and he gobbled it up. Then the frog was still again. He waited for the next bug.
2.      Main Idea: A new school is being built.

They are building a new school. It is near my house. Every day, I watch the workers. They drive huge tractors. I watch them push a ton of dirt. They have a big crane. It helps them place tall beams. The workers build walls. They are using brick. Every day, it looks more like a school. Mom says I will go there in the fall!
3.      Main Idea: Jon makes a basket.

Jon held the ball in his hands. He bounced it slowly on the ground. Once. Twice. He crouched low and then jumped. The ball flew into the air. Up, up, up, it went. Then down, down, down, into the basket. “Yes!” he yelled. “Nothing but net!”


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