Tips to help you prepare for the TOEIC test

The TOEIC® test is not based on information that can be read from any particular textbook. It is rather a measure of general overall English language proficiency. To improve your English capabilities, you need to study English and more importantly, practise it.

There are several things you can do everyday to help you prepare for the TOEIC® test.

  • Listen to music – Music helps you acquire the rhythm and stress patterns of spoken English.
  • Use the language – Set aside half an hour each day to communicate only in English. If you can’t do this face-to-face, send regular e-mail messages.
  • Read – Reading is the best way to improve your vocabulary. Read newspapers, magazines, websites, novels, and non-fiction books. Choose something that genuinely interests you and isn’t too challenging.
  • Write – Try keeping a daily journal where you can practice using new words and expressions. This helps reinforce sentence structures and vocabulary.
  • Listen to the radio and watch TV – this helps you pick up the language, and does not bore you either!
  • Take an English language course – If you are a beginner in English language learning and want to improve your language skills, you can take language training courses in any of the ETS Europe authorised language schools  in your city. A tip to help you maximise your learning experience: insist on taking the TOEIC® test before you start your course, and then again at the end – this will give you an accurate indication of the progress that you have made.

All test takers are naturally anxious to enter the test centre well prepared. ETS Europe helps you familiarise yourself with the types of questions that will appear in the test. We have prepared some resources  for you that will help you prepare for the TOEIC® test. It is recommended that candidates read the Examinee Handbook prior to the testing session. The Handbook provides information about the test and familiarises candidates with the content and format of the test so that they will be more at ease when taking the test.


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