English Grammar – Jawaban Latihan

Simple Past Tense1. I ..bought..two good books last night.

2. She ..got breakfast..this morning with her aunt in the lobby.

3. We .. went ..to Nusa Dua Bali Hotel last year.

4. You..read..a history book last night.

5. Shanti ..wrote.. a letter for him last week.

6 The headmaster ..visited.. the trouble maker classes yesterday.

7. Winda ..went..to the library every day.

8. Tammy and her mother ..spent..their holiday in Nusa Dua Hotel.

9. The teacher ..told.. the students to prepare their examination well.

10. Rudi Hartono ..won.. eight times All England championship.

Catatan :

Bentu I Bentuk II Bentuk III
win won won
buy bought bought
get got got
go went gone
read read read
write wrote written
visit visited visited
spend spent spent
tell told told

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