Soal AcEPT (Part I Listening Comprehension)

Section A

Directions : In this section, you will hear 10 short statements. The statements will be spoken just once. They will not be written out for you, and you must listen carefully in order to understand what the speaker says.

When you hear a statement, you will have a period of 15 to 20 seconds to read the four sentences in your test book and decide which one is closest in meaning to the statement you have heard. Then, on your answer sheet, find the number of the problem and mark your answer by drawing with a pencil a short bar across the corresponding letter in the brackets.

Listen to the following example:

You will hear:

“He is no longer living in Beijing.”

You will read:

[A] He’s been living in Beijing for a long time.

[B] He used to live in Beijing.

[C] He’s gone to Beijing for a short visit.

[D] He should stay longer in Beijing,


Sentence [B] “He used to live in Beijing” is closest in meaning to the statement “He is no longer living in Beijing.” Therefore you should choose answer [B].

Tips menjawab pertanyaan Listening AcEPT bagian pertama.

Soal no 1 – 10 menguji kemampuan Anda memahami pernyataan pendek dalam bahasa Inggris. Masing-masing pernyataan akan dibacakan sekali saja. Pernyataan yang Anda dengar tidak akan ditulis dalam tes. Anda tidak diperkenankan membuat catatan apapun dalam buku tes.


  • Lihatlah secara sepintas pernyataan yang ada pada pilihan A, B, C, dan D.
  • Arahkan pikiran Anda pada topik pembicaraan yang akan disampaikan pada pernyataan pendek.
  • Pahami makna/maksud yang tersirat pada pernyataan pendek tersebut.
  • Pilihlah jawaban yang memiliki makna yang sama/mirip dengan pernyataan tersebut.

Pada contoh di atas kita mendengarkan sebuah pernyataan pendek yakni “He is no longer living in Beijing (Dia tidak lagi tinggal di Beijing). Pada pilihannya terdapat hanya satu pernyataan yang memiliki makna yang sama dengan pernyataan pada soal yakni [B] He used to live in Beijing (yang artinya, dulu dia tinggal di Beijing dan sekarang tidak).

Kunci untuk memilih jawaban yang tepat pada Listening bagian pertama adalah memilih sinonim/memilih pernyataan yang memiliki makna yang sama/mirip dengan pernyataan pada soal.


[A] Tom is riding a bike.

[B] The bike is upside down.

[C] Tom is repairing the bike.

[D] Tom is cleaning his bike.


[A] Professor Graff doesn’t usually write on the blackboard.

[B] Students are rarely bored in Professor Grafts class.

[C] The professor uses graphs when she lectures.

[D] Students in the graphic arts course don’t take notes.


[A] They are with them.

[B] It is with them.

[C] They are with her.

[D] He is with her.


[A] I passed the test because I studied hard.

[B] I won’t do well on the test if I don’t study.

[C] I failed the test because I didn’t study enough.

[D] I’ll study hard so I can pass the test.

5.     [A] How long is the school term?

[B] Why did you turn over the stool?

[C] I wish I know how to get to the dormitory.

[D] I want the term to end soon.


[A] The boat owner must be rich.

[B] This man must be the owner.

[C] Those men are both rich.

[D] The boat has a monkey on it.


[A] Alice answered Jean’s question.

[B] Alice allowed Jean to respond.

[C] Jean’s response was questionable.

[D] Alice accepted the answer.


[A] Bob bought a new pair of sandals.

[B] Bob’s sandals were fixed.

[C] The shoemaker only made sandals.

[D] The shoemaker wore sandals.


[A] We have to go to a party after work.

[B] We are going to have a party when the house has been painted.

[C] We went to a huge party after the house was painted.

[D] We’ll go to the party if the house is painted.


[A] They read about the invention in the news report.

[B] The inventor wrote an interesting news report.

[C] A reporter asked the inventor some questions.

[D] The reporter was watching the news.


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