Perbedaan skor AcEPT dan TOEFL

Bagi para calon mahasiswa S2/S3 UGM, kesulitan mencapai skor TOEFL/AcEPT yang telah ditetapkan UGM menjadi kendala tersendiri yang harus dicari pemecahannya oleh para calon mahasiswa program S2/S3 ini. Sebenarnya antara TOEFL (paper based)  dan AcEPT tidak ada yang perlu dicemaskan. Semuanya memiliki karakter  sendiri-sendiri. Yang penting, para calon mahasiswa harus mengenal betul masing-masing karakter ini sehingga tidak terjebak dalam  kecemasan yang berlebihan. Berikut ini kami turunkan artikel kecil mengenai TOEFL versus AcEPT.

TOEFL adalah Test of English as a Foreign Language atau Tes Bahasa Inggris sebagai Bahasa Asing. Tes ini mengujikan 3 kemampuan bahasa, yakni: Listening (50 butir soal), Structure (40 butir soal), dan Reading (50 butir soal). Tes ini memiliki tingkat kesulitan tinggi karena dirancang untuk para mahasiswa yang hendak belajar di Amerika dan Kanada. Pembuat soalnya pun berasal dari Amerika Serikat; sementara AcEPT  merupakan Academic English Proficiency Test yang mengujikan 5 kemampuan bahasa, yakni: Listening (20 butir soal), Vocabulary (30 butir soal), Structure (40 butir soal), Reading (40 butir soal) dan Composing Skill (40 butir soal). Tes ini juga memiliki tingkat kesulitan cukup tinggi, hampir setara dengan TOEFL. Tes disusun oleh tim pembuat soal dari UGM. Dalam tabel, perbedaan TOEFL-AcEPT bisa digambarkan sbb: Baca lebih lanjut


Pelajaran Bahasa Inggris (adjective:comparison)

Klik Audio Disini

Untuk melatih pendengaran Anda (listening), Anda juga dapat mendownload link audio di atas (sudah dalam bentuk mp3) lalu simpan di folder PC Anda. Setelah itu, Anda dapat aktifkan/mainkan Audionya, sambil melihat penjelasan materi di bawah ini. Jangan kuatir, isi dari Audio tersebut adalah penjelasan dari materi di bawah ini. Selamat mencoba. Semoga bermanfaat.

Comparatives Use -er to compare one syllable adjectives and adverbs as well as two-syllable adjectives ending in -y.

    A horse is bigger than a dog.
    He is shorter than his brother.
    I’m busier today than I was yesterday.
    I can run faster than you can.My house is smaller.
    It’s the lesser of two evils.

Use more or less to compare most other adjectives and adverbs.

    She is more helpful than her sister.
    Mr. Gallant is more courageous than his cousin.
    Craig is less practical than Kay.Celine sings more beautifully than Barbara.

For better or worse

    • That’s a good movie, but this one is better.
      Actually, I think that one is worse.
  • Use better and worse for comparisons with good or well.

Use as . . . as to show similarity

    He’s as quick as his brother.
    This chair is not as comfortable as that one.


Use the -est to indicate the superlative of one-syllable adjectives and adverbs as well as two-syllable adjectives ending in -y.

    He’s the fastest man alive.
    That’s the funniest clown I’ve ever seen.
    Ben works the hardest of them all.

Use the best or the worst as the superlative of good or well.

    This is the best deal I can offer you.
    That was the best time I’ve ever had.
    It was the worst dinner I’ve ever cooked.
    I like this one (the) best.

Use the most + adjective/adverb to indicate the superlative of longer adjectives and adverbs.

    He’s the most wonderful man I’ve met.
    That was the most difficult exam I’ve ever taken.
    Chris sings the most beautifully of them all.

Toefl Test ( Uji Kemampuan Grammar Anda )

001.Because of the enormous pull gravitational of the Moon, the shape of the Earth actually changes as the largest oceans are “pulled” toward the Moon.
Because of
pull gravitational
002. Only with the advent of refrigerator were most Americans able to begin to consume fresh meat.
to begin
003. Although ______ a successful film, none of her other works have to date been adapted to the film format.
The Joy Luck Club is best known novel by Amy Tan was made into
The Joy Luck Club was made into a film by Amy Tan’s best known
Amy Tan’s best known novel, The Joy Luck Club, was made into
Amy Tan’s best known novel, The Joy Luck Club, made

004. The gross domestic product of a country is a figure expressed in monetary terms that represents the entire economy value of the goods and services produced in that country.
a figure
005. In addition to the more traditional simple oven many ______ either by circulating heated air around the food or by heating the moisture contained in the food with microwaves, and a few do both.
functioning modern ovens
modern ovens that function
modern ovens function
the function of modern ovens
006. One of the first state of the United States, Rhode Island is the smallest of all the states and is located north of the largest city in the United States, New York City.
the smallest
is located
007. Critical to understand the phenomenon of human intelligence is the notion that not all human thought patterns are either predictable or rational.
not all
008. The advent of the personal computer and easy access to information via the Internet has allowed many more entrepreneurs ______ than ever before.
to open home-based businesses
who open home-based businesses
opening businesses home-based
base at home their business
009. Deciduous trees are those who have leaves that fall off once a year, typically before the advent of winter.
once a year
010. ______ “orca” means whale, the orca is actually a member of the dolphin family, the delphinids.
It is
011. Located in the upper part of the hind shanks of the greyhound [are] the overdeveloped and powerful thigh muscles [enabling] it to make short, [yet] powerful sprints [in race].
in race
012.______ second in size to Jupiter, Saturn has a mass much smaller than that of Jupiter.
013.[Given] the difficulty [of mastering] the subtleties of the violin, there is [not] difficulty understanding why there are few children proficient [in] playing it.
of mastering
014. What is known as the Homestead Act of 1862 granted those who ventured westward ______ .
to receive needed and desired land
the land they both needed and desired
needing and desiring land
where they most needed and desired land
015.Almost ninety per cent of [American] high school [students] claim they know [how to read], yet this figure is probably [somewhat lower].
how to read
somewhat lower
016. From the simplest single-cell organism floating in prehistoric oceans ______ all forms of life now inhabiting the earth.
had evolved
017. Zirconium is [a] [metallic element] with a high [melting] point that is widely [used] alloys.
metallic element
018. ______ is the earthquake that is most widely remembered, it was actually the fire that ensued that caused the most damage in San Francisco in 1906.
Being that
Whereas it
019. After the Gold Rush in California in 1849 came [dramatically] higher number of [immigrants] than [had been] [seen in] the previous year.
had been
seen in
020.[Architect and founder] of the University of Virginia, Thomas Jefferson [built] his house Monticello [overlooking] the campus [in] Charlottesville, Virginia.
Architect and founder

Test Your English ( Uji Kemampuan Bhs. Inggris Anda

Question 1 of 25: Have you heard the _____ news?

(A) last
(B) latest
(C) latter
(D) previous

Question 2 of 25: In summer George _____ plays tennis twice a week.

(A) usually
(B) ever
(C) often
(D) occasionally
Question 3 of 25: Do you know _____ foreign languages?

(A) some
(B) the
(C) any
(D) some of

Question 4 of 25: Did you know that the Bible _____ into 310 languages?

(A) being translated
(B) translated
(C) has been translated
(D) has translated

Question 5 of 25: If the weather _____ bad tomorrow, I won’t go to the beach.

(A) will
(B) will be
(C) is
(D) were

Question 6 of 25: I _____ my cousin for five years.

(A) don’t see
(B) saw not
(C) haven’t seen
(D) didn’t see

Question 7 of 25: Diana said that she ______ a house.

(A) bought
(B) will buy
(C) buy
(D) had bought

Question 8 of 25: He always puts _____ salt on his food.

(A) so much
(B) so many
(C) such much
(D) a lot of

Question 9 of 25: How much _____ to fly to London?

(A) it costs
(B) costs it
(C) does cost
(D) does it cost

Question 10 of 25: I’m very busy at the moment. I _____ for my English exam.

(A) prepare
(B) have been preparing
(C) am preparing
(D) am going prepare

Question 11 of 25: Olympia is one of _____ popular destinations for tourists in Greece.

(A) very
(B) most
(C) the most
(D) most of all

Question 12 of 25: Is Ann _____ on holiday?

(A) while
(B) yet
(C) else
(D) still

Question 13 of 25: If he _____ very well, his mother will be sad.

(A) wouldn’t study
(B) won’t study
(C) hadn’t study
(D) doesn’t study

Question 14 of 25: When did you discover that your car _____?

(A) disappearing
(B) was disappeared
(C) had disappeared
(D) had been disappeared

Question 15 of 25: My nephew Tom is very good _____ maths.

(A) for
(B) in
(C) at
(D) about

Question 16 of 25: I ______ take my son to the doctor.

(A) have got to
(B) ought
(C) should to
(D) must to

Question 17 of 25: It might rain. You’d better ______.

(A) take an umbrella
(B) to take an umbrella
(C) taking an umbrella
(D) to taking an umbrella

Question 18 of 25: Which of you _____ to translate it for me?

(A) does want
(B) wants
(C) do want
(D) want

Question 19 of 25: This time tomorrow _____ down the Champs-Elysees.

(A) I’ll walk
(B) I’ll be walking
(C) I’ll walking
(D) I walk

Question 20 of 25: _____ you’ve given me!

(A) What the good advice
(B) What good advice
(C) What good advices
(D) What a good advice

Question 21 of 25: Have you read any book _____ Mark Twain?

(A) from
(B) by
(C) since
(D) for

Question 22 of 25: I have played the violin ______ 1988.

(A) from
(B) about
(C) since
(D) for

Question 22 of 25: We were talking about a friend of _____ whom we haven”t seen for years.

(A) us
(B) ours
(C) we
(D) our

Question 24 of 25: I’d like to know _____.

(A) where is my suitcase
(B) where it is my suitcase
(C) my suitcase is where
(D) where my suitcase is

Question 25 of 25: You have never been to Italy, ______?

(A) haven’t you
(B) have you
(C) isn’t it
(D) is it

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